Details Matter

So, the grandmother was beside herself as a huge wave knocked over her small grandson and washed him out to sea.

She screamed and then begged heaven to bring him back. She offered to spend her life doing anything to thank heaven for returning him.

After a short while a big wave washed ashore and lo and behold there was her beloved grandson. She grabbed him and hugged him tightly. Then she looked up and announced, “But, when he went in, he had a cap on his head!”

Some people are just never satisfied….When we look around or even take a real look at ourselves, we can observe the attention to detail that we do or do not address.

Now in many cases the attention to detail is crucial. Surgeons for example better pay supreme attention and pilots and others who take our lives in their hands.

Then there are those who pay too much attention to things that we may not deem terribly important. Have you ever been to a dog show?

Look at the way owners and handlers deal with every hair on the animal’s body. Often the owners look like they could use a bit of that attention themselves.

Then there are the obsessive ones who have to have everything in place and every I dotted and t crossed and spend countless hours getting things the way they want. Heaven forbid if you leave something out of place around them. They can be quite annoying. In relationships they can make partners crazy.

If the details become too much the stress is overwhelming and certainly not productive.

There are others who only see the big picture and can overlook details to get to the important aspects.

Often, they can be annoying as well, as they do not pay any attention to what they consider unimportant around them. Often, they are in La La land too.

With aging what matters becomes more clear. The things that bothered when younger are no longer what matters now.

With age and hopefully wisdom, the world and what goes on is put in perspective as you have lived through it all before.

Relationships take a more important role in life and compromise is easier.

You can get rewards too. It’s like the grandchildren are the reward for not murdering your children!

When no longer a player you can be appreciated for cooking a nice meal for friends or family.

You don’t have to be competitive; you can just be you.

Ever notice how older people say pretty much whatever they think.

The small gestures like small details take on a whole new role. A sweet look or word; a small gift from the heart, or something personal has meaning in ways that what money bought never did.

Having some fun, doing some good, finding and giving love, and being a responsible adult is what we all attempt to achieve. Whatever we accomplish toward those goals is put in perspective and we are grateful for whatever small gains we made in that behalf. Much of what is pleasant in life is from small details. The big things that occur are short-lived usually, but the small gestures linger and are called up over time again and again.

With mid-life heebie jeebies and worries of all sorts we sometimes lose sight of the small details that go on. While it is true that we have much to take care of and work and paying bills, dealing with children, aging parents, and the like take up most of our effort and time; we can learn to pay attention to those small details that are there giving life another dimension. It’s that old, stop and smell the roses.

No matter what the circumstances we can learn to do that. We don’t need drugs to make us happy; we can be high on life!!

“We think in generalities, but we live in detail.” – Alfred North Whitehead

What details do you get involved with? Are they worth it?

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