Her Ears Will Open Her Legs

“Winning her would be like coaxing a butterfly to land on his hand. Patience, gentleness, and perhaps a prayer or two would be required.” – Mary Jo Putney

Many of our senses are involved when it comes to attraction and loving someone. Much of it is the feeling of wanting to be joined sexually.

Today females are using their sexuality much like men. Their drive is as strong, and they are open to all sorts of sexual behavior. Without the fear of unwanted pregnancy, it’s a whole wide world. With the Internet it’s the world at their finger-tips.

So, how’s a guy going to get her to bed?

Through her ears!!

That’s right; she will respond to what she hears. If she is smart she will test it out and see if the behavior matches the words. She will see if he is consistent and not just there for the short run.

Women are being themselves and seeking to be satisfied…. in bed.

Sometimes it may mean having an affair. About fifty percent of married women are thought to have had an affair. Close to the figure for men. Lots of reasons for this. Boredom, partner’s health problems, exploration, having a new and exciting experience, better sex; just some of the reasons. An affair is not marriage. It is the distillation of attraction and sexual desire without the day to day activity.

Being out in the workforce has certainly opened up more opportunities, to say nothing about using the cell phone for contact.

But if a guy is really smart he knows that saying sweet things, that he genuinely believes, accompanied by gestures that are loving will get her to want to not only be with him, but to truly care about him, their relationship, and sex!

If he is hopping from one bed to another in the long run, he won’t be satisfied emotionally.

If he wants a real relationship, he has to talk the talk and walk the walk.

He needs to listen, like her personality, and make her feel special. He has to be available and attentive to her. The sex drive cannot be the main driving force.

Learning the art of wooing women takes time. An atmosphere has to be created. He needs to be confident and not complaining all the time. He needs to be positive and fun. Money won’t do it either.

She will love talking about anything, sharing ideas, and giving him not just her body but her heart.

She will not want to think of life without him. She will dream about and plan her future with him.

Just his essence will be a powerful force. Women as a matter of fact are more sensitive to smell than men, so perfume should be made more for men than women.

The last love is the best one; not the first one!!

Once her legs are open to you, you may want to explore further and plan.

Here is where the head comes in and there are areas to talk about.

How is money used? Are children part of the plan? How do differences get resolved? Are the sex drives similar?  Do the families get along? How is love expressed?

It all begins with the eyes and what you are attracted to. Then the ears come into play. Then…

“There are many fish in the sea, but never let a good one swim away.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Have you had good or bad experiences with words?  Have you ever said things you didn’t believe?

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