A Better World… A Better You

“Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you think this is the worst of times? It can seem that way.

Watching the local, national, and heaven forbid, the international news can make you crazy.

There is murder and mayhem all around. Nothing is working well, and people have given up.

The world however is probably in a better place than it has ever been.

Believe it or not things have improved in the larger picture.

For example:

People are living longer

Wars and deaths are low worldwide

Poverty is about ten percent in the world; much lower than before

Children are literate in larger numbers than ever worldwide

We do not see these statistics and relate to them on the grand scale.

There are wonderful things going on to make life better in many ways.

What we contend with is our own little world and that view is quite narrow and limited. Naturally, because we live it day to day.

Money, (power), and sex rule as they always have since time immemorial.        

Those things cause individuals to behave in bizarre ways at times.

People who serve as, leaders have proved they are not immune and no longer are seen as examples to follow.

What’s a person to do?

Can we be better if we think the world around us is crumbling and falling apart?

We can indeed, IF we study history.

There have been far worse times in history throughout the world and certainly in our own country.

Depression, lynchings, health hazards, and on and on. If you know about the fiasco at Los Alamos, you want to run for cover right now!

As individuals we strive for what we want in this life. And this life is tough.

I recall my own dear mother, when I was about ten, saying to her sister as her husband was dying, that it was a good thing to get out of this world. I could not believe my happy mother said that.

Then I had a friend whose mother became a great grandmother and when she called to tell her she was shocked that there was not happiness in her reply. All she said was, Oh, now there’s someone else to worry about.

Yes, when you have lived long enough you know there is a whole mess of junk to go through in life. It helps to know we are but mere specks of star dust in a huge galaxy out there.

Sometimes I believe it might be better to not be smart. Thinking too much can get you down. Actually, I wonder if that Rodin sculpture of, The Thinker might just be having constipation!!

All these kids going to college wasting time and money, going into debt, may not be a good thing. When I was in college I knew that certain fraternities were spending a lot of time having parties with members getting drunk, and bringing in prostitutes one night a week. It is learning of a sort.

Then there was the experiment in zoology which I hated and never used where we swiped our cheeks for analysis under the microscope.

One girl had sperm discovered. Needless to say, she became quite popular!

We need vocational schools and then college and graduate work for specific professions.

This world needs all the talent it can get; from rich, and poor and every background.

Opportunity is the name of the game.

Let’s hope hate and pitting people against one another for stupid reasons will one day be gone, or maybe just easier. Happy contented people enjoy one another no matter what. Only the unhappy are hurtfull.

Find your happiness in any world!!

“I was very famous as a young man and I celebrated both the good and the bad times with drinking.” – Glenn Hughes

What gets you down?  How do you handle it?

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