A Robot Brothel

A woman and her physician husband are having dinner in a fancy restaurant.

A shapely young lady comes by with a huge smile and greets the husband with a big kiss.

As she walks away the wife asks, Who was that?

Oh, he says, I know her professionally.

After a quizzical pause the wife responds, Whose, hers or yours?

“The human condition is not perfect. We are not perfect specimens any of us. We’re not robots.” – Michael Orvitz

Are robots’ perfect specimens, I ask you?

Well, get this; there is now a sex doll brothel opening in Toronto Canada, offering sexual services with silicone made dolls!! You heard that right… Not quite a full robot but close.

Don’t write this off as nonsense or some off the wall idea. It may not be.

Just think what problems could have been avoided if such a facility was used and no one had to pay off a porn star!!

Just think how non-embarrassing a failure to perform would be.

Just think how cheaply one could get off breaking up a relationship? Just imagine a no nagging life!   How about no demands?

All possible with a doll. A real doll!

The brothel will have a variety of types; colors, hair and eye color, shapes, and so on. It’s your choice. We all have different ideas about beauty.

AND the best news; in time there may be male ones for females to use too. It is all about the stimulation of the body parts and what goes on in the mind after all.

Here there is no fighting over anything, no guesswork, and no control issues. Imagine.

Half an hour costs $80 and so on. They will be sanitized and no problem of disease as well.

They will be discrete and no shyness or awkwardness about coming or going to the facility.

That will be lawful and guess what? Most of the community is fine with it. Over 56% said, Live and let live.

Now the real benefit will be that people can perhaps open up sexually and be freer so that they can be better with real live partners in the flesh and blood. It can fulfill fantasies and can cross all sexual barriers such as gender and so on. Sexual S and M won’t be a problem here either. Want two ladies? No problem! And people without partners or disabilities can be fulfilled.

AND I really don’t think you can fall in love with a doll or robot…  or can you?

In keeping with the new sex technology how about all the new apps that can deliver whatever you want when you want?

Sex toys delivered within the hour, meet people you’ve met, right away, G-spot vibes, and some that play the music you like at the same time! You name it someone’s working on it. Sex is so personal and often not satisfying that these new ventures may open possibilities that could benefit many many people. Some offer instant help with talking to physicians or therapists and any of that can truly help couples willing to talk. Virtual experiences may indeed be the answer to enhancing relationships not detracting from them.

In New York there are sex education groups for grown-ups. These offer open forums for groups to meet and talk. Since even today most young people receive limited education in the matters that they want to discuss and have to deal with; they become limited adults in these areas.

Most young people only want to hear about intimate life from peers, but adults are ready to deal with others in the same boat and people with professional experience.

As a sex educator for over 30 years I can tell you none of this is too soon and long overdue.

As a relationship therapist sex is a highly emotionally charged subject and so very personal that people will tell you what’s in their bank account sooner than reveal themselves nakedly where it really shows who they are.

If I ever want to quiet a room where I am speaking to a halt, whether it’s four or a thousand people, all I have to say is, Let’s have every other person stand up and tell us about their sex life. Works every time!

“People are fascinated by robots because they’re machines that can mimic life” Colin Angle

Would you ever consider using a doll or robot?

What would you like different in your own intimate life? How do you plans to get it?

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