What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” – Benjamin Franklin

What have been the things that happened that surprised you? How often have you thought, If only I had known. Most of us have a rather long list of things that fall into that category.
It is true that what you don’t know can really hurt you and your life.

Schools do not teach the things we truly need to know. They do not prepare us for real life.
How do you make decisions? What facts do you have and where do they come from? How much damage has happened in your life and family as a result of not knowing?

Think about the areas that concern your daily life and your future.
Who taught you what to do with money? Did you have good advice about planning your future and investments? Managing money is a big deal and not easily learned. Often people learn only by ‘mistakes’ and then it’s too late.

How do you budget and what is your expendable income? Savings? Taking care of your old age and your family doesn’t happen by magic. Handling credit is a huge lesson to learn.
Who tells you about the large interest rates you can end up paying?

How do you choose your life’s work? What should you have known?

The more you know about anything the better. And things do change so it is an ongoing process. Whom to trust and learn from is a question for each of us.

Rules and laws are often not given or misunderstood. Even simple things like parking a car can cause a lot of problems if you don’t have the right information.

Medical issues can be life threatening. Who do you trust to give you advice or pills?
Being in a hospital and not being aware of what is going on and how you are being treated medically can be unbelievably destructive. Heaven help you if you are foggy or have no one to advocate and check on your treatment. You are a pure victim.

Legal issues are always a problem. Can anyone trust any lawyer? They are all in cahoots in my book and they always benefit from others’ misfortune!

Jewelers are another area for lack of knowledge hurting and costing you. Sort of like car repair…
Who tells you beautiful colored precious stones are that way because they were heated? Who tells you some stones have been sliced and doubled to look good? Talk about a racket!
Whatever you pay, try to get that amount back if you want to sell it. Lots of luck!

Art and music and areas such as architecture can be appreciated the more you understand about what it took to get the finished product. While much is individually selective, knowing can give you an insight even if you don’t like the end result.

What foods to eat and where to travel and what entertainment you choose again is an individual choice but information can guide your choices.

Insurance is another large area where money is spent, often unwisely. Often the devil is in the details that are glossed over or not explained in simple terms. Caveat emptor… buyer beware.

And simple things can cause a lot of disappointment and trouble. Did you think to measure the doorways and stairs before buying that sofa? Can you return … whatever, if there is a problem?

Buying things on impulse or from a super salesperson can be a big mistake in the end.

Whoever told you that you need to put a metal spoon in a crystal bowl before adding something hot? Probably no one which is why your favorite dish cracked and broke!

After age twenty or so we can no longer blame parents for our troubles. Taking responsibility is a big step and leads to reliable adulthood.

Now we all make mistakes that could have been avoided if only we knew…
That is one way to LEARN. Hopefully without paying too costly a price.

The real issue from my perspective is; you guessed it, relationships.
What exactly do we learn about being a person, a partner, and a parent? Think about it. The most important parts of our lives. Answer; very little.

We get better instructions about how to fix a dress stain and care for a plant than we do about how to care for a partner or child.
Let’s change that!!

“The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.” – John F. Kennedy

What surprises have you had in life, if only you had known?
Could they have been avoided?

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