The Grass IS Greener

“And I’d like to give my love to everybody and let them know that the grass may look greener on the other side, but believe me it’s just as hard to cut.” – Little Richard

Yes, just as hard to cut BUT it may in fact be greener for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is cared for better. Maybe it’s owner knows things you don’t. And then again it may be luck and where the sun shines.

There is this thing called competition and comparing ourselves to others. It is human nature.
We do it in a variety of forms.

It isn’t just the grass that we look at.
How about the house?
How about the wife?
How about the children?

It all comes back to us and how content we are with who we are and what we have accomplished and achieved in this life.

Material things are important and are the measure in many respects.

What have we done with our careers and talents? What have we produced in our children? How does our partner reflect on us?

I am here to say that indeed sometimes the grass is greener in any aspect you choose to measure. We can be envious and become angry and bitter, or we can work harder to achieve higher goals.
In some respects, looking at the greener grass may spur us on.

In my area of expertise; marriage and all relationships, I have helped many people who have moved on to greener grass.

Some have been very happy they did, while others learned over time that their own old grass was just fine and green enough!

With relationships, NO ONE knows what goes on behind closed doors except the people who live there. From the ‘outside’ everything may look perfect and wonderful. However, on the inside it may be quite a different story and far from perfect.

If you are considering moving on to greener grass you had better do some homework first.
Start with you.
What is it about you that wants to make a change?
Have you matured or changed?
Have your values changed?
Do you see your partner differently?
Are you just bored?

While it is true many second marriages also end in divorce, many have offered a better way of life and emotional fulfillment not possible before.
Even without the benefit of marriage the more experience the better.

If the new partner is a

 sheep in wolf’s clothing or a repeat of what you left it will mean that you have not changed. Your emotional needs are the same and you will keep repeating the same pattern. It’s YOU, not them!

Today there are a myriad of ways to meet people and thus compare what you have. Many choices does not necessarily make the task easier. For some it is the constant chase and looking to see what can come along better. There is no inner contentment or peace with a partner under these circumstances. The grass is ALWAYS greener elsewhere!

The parts of any relationship that are romantic and fueled by passion in the beginning will change with time. There will be droughts, and earth problems, and maybe a lack of sun or bugs, or too much rain. All part of greener grass issues and people problems too.

So, before you leap, take stock of YOU, your relationship, the other person, and do diligence so that your lawn will be the one others envy!!

“Get busy watering your own grass so as not to notice whether it’s greener elsewhere.” – Karon Waddell

Is there anyone you envy? For what reason? Can you change that?

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