Uber Me A……

“So we, who are united in mind and soul, have no hesitation about sharing property. All is common among us—except our wives.” – Tertullian

Nice sentiments.
Today we live in a throwaway society. Whatever it is, there is a new model coming out and we want that updated version. If what we have breaks we don’t bother to spend money to repair it; we get a new one.
What our parents collected is now too bothersome to keep and polish and take care of. This generation wants it easy, and simple.
The message seems to be; don’t get too attached to anything… or maybe anybody!

With robots on the way to take care of much of what we do and what work demands what will the role of people be?
If we don’t want to collect antiques, or live with lovely gracious things or beautiful art work, what will our lives entail?
Moving at the drop of a hat is possible. Attachments with things or people may be on the way out.
Food is there for the asking; all kinds at any time.
And how about renting a pet before committing to one?

I have been of a strong mind for decades that we should be licensing people for the two most important roles in life; partner and parent.
You have to do more to drive a car or be a lifeguard than you have to do for those other roles. For one of them you don’t even have to get out of bed!

What would it look like if we had standards that guaranteed you would be a fine partner or a wonderful parent?
It isn’t difficult to set the attributes down.
True, people can and do change but we could do a bit of a job when people are reasonably mature and test them over time.

Uber has set a great example of what we can do without owning cars. It’s like having a private chauffer when you want it to go wherever you choose to go at any time.

What if we could Uber our lives in other ways?
You can rent dresses for special occasions-a la the Oscars. You can borrow jewelry to promote a designer. You can buy and sell things on E-bay and Craig’s list for temporary use. Baby things are a good example. You can rent homes and vacation places.
What, just what would be the response if you could rent or Uber people and experiences?
There are dating sites to be sure but suppose you just want a particular type of escort for the evening or for the class reunion? Why not have that service available?

There are temporary employment agencies why not temporary children, or mates?

You could try it out so to speak. What about this idea of checking people out first?

The mate would have to be certified in a number of areas including, you guessed it, sex.
Catherine the Great had that figured out. She had her ladies in waiting try out any proposed lover to see if they met her criteria. Good idea?

As far as parenting, there could be a whole slew of expertise that any prospective parent would have to be knowledgeable about.

The fact of the matter is that we could check out a number of situations that we now are just thrown into. Instead of merely winging it to discover that you were ill equipped to deal with many issues that came up, you could have had things tested.

Even with dating I can envision a whole realm of possibilities to enhance that whole mine field.

Uber me a great one and then I can compare!!

My whole premise is that we can improve our lives and relationships with the knowledge we have. It’s not reinventing the wheel; it’s just making sure it is a good one that does the job necessary!!

“It’s possible to own too much. A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure.” – Lee Segall

Do you wish you had tried out someone as a partner before getting involved? What if they came with a certificate of competence? How about your parents and certifying them before you were born?

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