Money Doesn’t Care Who Has It

“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” – Oscar Wilde

Anyone who is foolish enough or not living in reality to think that money doesn’t matter just hasn’t had to deal with real life.

The fact of the matter is that money is not just a necessity it is what makes your life what it is.

Yes, you don’t want money to be your god, but you need enough to live the way you choose.

As a young person it is easy to live very modestly and just get by, but with time and what life dishes out you had better have the where with all to not just survive but to really enjoy what life has to offer.

Now it is true we all have different needs and expectations, and that’s fine. We all need to learn how to stand on our own two feet and be responsible for our own lives.

Today both men and women have learned that.

There are circumstances where some people are indeed incapable of working or making a living.

This can be due to illness, mental or emotional incapacity, or wanting to be creative without being paid for it.

Those circumstances can be addressed in other ways, usually by government subsidies.

But we really do not learn how to not just earn money, improve our employment opportunities, or manage money or invest it well.

I know a college dean who told me he could never balance a check book until he was well into his thirties with a family to support!

While our way of living may be meager as young people as we get older we need money. If we have children, we need more money to make their lives pleasant.

Learning what it takes to make money is a lesson well learned early in life. There are many very wealthy people who make their children work at menial tasks to earn a dollar. Good lesson.

What is interesting is that many people who make a lot of money later in their lives remember what it took and are rather tight fisted. Believe me there will be children who know how to spend it when they inherit it!

Inherited wealth is another story. That comes easily usually, and the value of hard work is often not learned. Sometimes that money is squandered as well.

It’s a game and has never been different throughout history.

Money and power that goes with it are what makes governments, and tall buildings with peoples’ names on them!!

Beyond the basics it is nice to have enough money so that if you need a new car you don’t have to lose sleep at night. Money is nice in order to do gracious things for your family and others.

Some people need a private jet to go places, others are happy just to be able to sit in coach and go someplace. We all have different standards and ascribe to different goals.

There are also hypocrites and parasites that talk a good game while using others’ resources.
And do not kid yourself, with aging, money is extremely important to look good, not have to work hard, and to have good care, medical and otherwise.

True it doesn’t cause happiness but it sure as hell makes unhappiness less and in better

And, true; it can’t buy love, but it can and often does buy substitutes… watch the current news!

I have a friend who often said he frequently has big arguments with his wife and he is grateful that they can occur in first class gorgeous hotel rooms. It makes it better…

It is nice to have disposable income to do whatever you want with it. See something you want and bingo… it’s yours. No worry, no fuss, no after recrimination.

Learning the value of money when you are young and learning how to invest and use it and then earning it at something you enjoy and then spending and saving it as you wish is a good goal.

Living within your means is a hard lesson and many do not. There is too much out there to buy, or upgrade to. It takes discipline. It can make people unhappy to not have.

Being competitive can be a game and there are a lot of very successful people who never have ‘enough;’ not for the money but for the message it conveys.

All through history, no matter the society, money matters. Go to Pompeii and see the houses of the wealthy that remain. Look at the art work there. A very clear message; I was important, and this is how I lived. So, in the end, you and you alone must decide what is realistic for you and then go achieve it. Then look at your bank balance and empty your pockets!!

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” – P.T. Barnum

Do you have enough money for your needs? For things you just want? How important is money to you?

One thought on “Money Doesn’t Care Who Has It

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Living within one’s means especially as young person in today’s generation is hard. I can’t tell you how many people are taking out ridiculous loans to live a lifestyle that is above their means — so they can show off on social media. It’s ludicrous.


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