Market YOU

“Advertising is the art of making whole lies out of half-truths.” – Edgar A. Shoaff

Everything is marketing in America. Where else could you sell ripped jeans for a lot of money to people? I have always been of the mind that there is a great market for cow dung if we had the right advertising!

Just look around. Who would have thought of putting women in stiletto heels and see them unable to walk well, and also get problems with their feet that disable them for the rest of their lives?

And what about the hair styles?


Piercing everything?


Nail polish designs?

Eyebrow threading?

Pants that show your rear end?
And so on…

Think about it. Everything is marketable and all you need is some sport figure, movie star, or celebrity to wear it, do it, or talk about it and it’s off and running, and making a lot of money.

Have you ever been to an art show and seen some of the absolutely ridiculous things called, art, with fools standing in front oohing and ahhing and paying a fortune for pure junk?

Some people will do just about anything to stand out or try to be unique.

True we all want to be our own individual and be recognized; but at what cost?

There is that old adage about, I don’t care what you say about me as long as you spell my name correctly. Well, that’s one approach to it.

Now when it comes to you as a person what makes you special? Desirable? Loveable?

My own philosophy is that you should always be marketable. How you do that depends on the individual, of course.

When it comes to intimate relationships many people just go to pot. No pun intended.

They take their partner for granted. They feel they have him or her for life and they can look, act, and do whatever they want without reprisal or having their partner leave.

That’s a bad way to live!

Partners should look good, smell good, and be on their toes in any intimate relationship no matter how long. Yes, you can be comfortable too.

It shows caring and a sort of respect if you will. You care enough about you, your partner, and how you present yourself to the world at large.

It sets a tone.

Dressing like a slob, speaking as one, and behaving in the manner of least resistance sends a big message. It’s loud and clear; I don’t give a damn!

What you look like and how you behave is the real YOU.

You can market yourself in many ways.

It can be how you look to be sure, but that can be within norms, and attractive. You can distinguish yourself with your talents, intellect, and manner.

You are a total package.

You know how you come across.

If you are received well by people you respect and care about that tells you something. If you are standing out as an oddity that also is a message. To go to extremes to be noticed is a short-lived reaction.

You shouldn’t have to sell yourself except perhaps with a job.

Even then your background is what counts.

We all put our best foot forward in the beginning of relationships and only after time and testing does the true YOU come out.

That first come-on gets the initial thing going but that is just the bait. Reeling in the fish takes effort and skill!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde

What is unique about you? Who knows the REAL you? What might you like different about you?

2 thoughts on “Market YOU

  1. Awesome blog Lynn! We met a few days ago at a reception. I’m on page 180 of your book and I’m loving it. Glad to have met you!


  2. Awesome post Lynn. We met a few days ago at a reception. I’m on page 180 of your book and loving every page of it. Glad to have met you!


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