Uniquely YOU

“It’s pretty damn hard to bring your uniqueness into actual being if you’re always doing the same things as a lot of other people.” – Brendan Francis

What is it that truly makes you, YOU?

Looking around it is amazing to observe that so many billions of people have the same features; eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and head shape… but we are all different! Even identical twins have some difference. It is amazing isn’t it?

Dealing with how we look can be a major source of making a person stand out.

Have you seen the people with tattoos?

Have you observed many hair styles today?

Have you seen the pierced parts of people?

Have you seen the way some people dress?

Have you looked at the make-up and nail treatments some wear?

We could go on and on.

These readily observed differences can and do make individuals unique. The question is what does any of that say about such an individual?

Do they just want to be looked at, talked about, noticed?

Who hooks up with these people? Why?

Then there are the other areas for difference. These have to do with what a person does.

How do they behave in the world?

Are they talented in a specific area; art, music, writing, intellect?

What do they do as far as work is concerned?

What do they do in their leisure time?

How do they behave socially?

What is their life experience?

The last area for difference has to do with personality.

Being an introvert, or extrovert says a lot.

Do they relate easily and openly to others?

Are they needing attention all the time?

Are they caring or selfish?

It all adds up to a unique package.

Now when it come to love that uniqueness is a total person that you either respond to and want to be close to or not.

There is the theory that pheromones play a part here and you in a sense, sniff out the person who turns you on.   

Be that as it may, we all know when someone attracts us. We all know who we want to climb into bed with.

Our bodies set off by our eyes and ears lead us.

When someone I know was asked why they were in love with their partner and chose to stay with them they replied, It’s his youngness.

It is a condition that no one else holds for you. Whatever the factors are and whatever the combination of those factors is; you are unable to have it with anyone else on this earth at that time. And let us not forget there are about seven billion people on this planet!

The problem becomes a huge one when that person is no longer there or available for whatever reason, because their uniqueness and combination of what they alone are cannot be duplicated.

How often do people talk about a quality or set of qualities that their loved one possesses or possessed that cannot be found again in any other person?

Sometimes I hear that they settle for some of the beloved’s attributes or looks but cannot fulfill the total package.

In the end we are all unique and the thing about it is that you want to be happy about who you really are. Then and only then can you offer yourself for love to another and be appreciated.

Then and only then you will not be able to be replicated by anyone else in their life!!

“If I’m such a legend, then why am I so lonely?” – Judy Garland

What makes you unique?  What might you like different?  What are you doing about that?

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