Comfy and Convenient

“Comfort is the great social tranquillizer.” – Philip Rieff

Today everyone wants to be comfy.

Just look at how people dress; worldwide; how they speak and how they relate to one another.

It’s all very comfy.

It’s also sloppy and easy and shows a lack of caring.

I do not want us to go back to corseted females, and dandies dressed up as men, however I do think we have taken it a step beyond repair.

Go to the theater, even in New York, on a Saturday night and look around at the audience; especially in warm summer weather.

What do you see?

You see men and women in shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, or flip-flops and so on.

It looks awful as far as I’m concerned. Now I’m no prude or stickler for dressing up but really does that make a person feel and look good? I think not.

Even if they are wearing other clothes they are often so mismatched you can barely look at them.

Do these people know they have no taste and show they do not care how they appear?

Now some young people, especially females looking to attract men do dress up. They wear flattering nice skirts and dresses; sometimes very tight fitting or low cut. That is okay as they show they put some thought in the process and looked in a mirror before exiting.

Comfy is fine but being in gym clothes all day and night conveys a message; I am being comfortable, period.

When I see really pretty dresses and men’s suits and ties in stores I wonder who is buying these things and where are they wearing them. Funerals? Weddings?

And the language… it’s also ‘comfy.’ Fine grammar and politeness have all but vanished for so many people. It’s almost like a new foreign language has replaced it all. Texting and the brief ways to express oneself is amazing.

I’ve come to think that without the word, fuck a lot of people could not express themselves.

There is nothing basically wrong with being comfortable and that’s fine, but how about ‘nicely’ comfortable. It is possible.

What it shows, and I am not an old fuddy-dud, is that nobody cares how they present themselves. I have heard tales of people even applying for high level jobs dressed as slobs!

And how about everything having to be convenient today. No one wants to exert themselves.

Nobody seems to care if a job is well done. There is no pride in accomplishment.

How often do people today have to repeat a task that was not performed well or at all?

How often do people want everything at their fingertips?

We have convenience stores everywhere. We advertise that whatever you need, or desire is readily available. What do you have to work for? What is worth achieving?

Even when you pay top dollar you often cannot be assured that the task is well done.

What is especially scary is when some of these matters involve your wellbeing as in medicine and health care or repairs to homes, bridges and so on. That is a whole other story; life threatening.

All of this says a lot about what we have become as people and what our culture has tolerated.

Who are the examples?

Listen to the language on TV, or in the movies. Hear what celebrities have to say and how they say it. Not pretty.

Role models are dressing the way we all emulate, and role models say what we think and how we talk. It is for me a bit sad to look around and listen to all of it. It is frustrating to try and get anything done well and competently without having to check and go through the same requests many times. No wonder we are angry and fed up. No wonder we are looking for comfort in other fashions. Is it any wonder that we drink, take drugs, and yell a lot?

And in relationships too comfy and convenient makes the whole business short lived!

Maybe, just maybe, if we had better standards and we set better examples for others to follow, politeness, and curtesy, and a sense of pride might be the norm rather than the exception.

Being comfy and having things convenient is fine… after you are eighty!!

“Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy.”- Indira Gandhi

How ‘comfy’ are you?  How do you display it?

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