Is Patience Still A Virtue

“Prayer of the modern American: Dear God, I pray for patience. And I want it right now!” –  Oren Arnold

Right NOW!

If we look at our lives today they are filled with a lack of this thing called patience.

Nothing is done slowly or with ease. Everything is at a frantic pace, and most of it for no reason at all.

We live fast.

We drive fast. We eat fast.

Our attention span is minimal.

We watch TV, and the news in sound bites.

We are on the cell phone and on the computer with instant results.

Who has written or received a hand-written note lately?

Who has cooked a special dish that took hours?

Instant answers are there on Google. Finding people is available with a click of the mouse.

Getting services is often our undoing.

Have you tried to get information from any service provider lately? They put you on hold or on an automatic non-person system. When you do get a live human on the other end or at a counter they are basically retarded or with an attitude or in Asia and not understanding or speaking English well.

Is it any wonder Americans are on Opioids?

Frustration and anger loom large in our daily lives. We want what we want when we want it… period!!

Recently in a bank, I saw an elderly man in front of me talking to the clerk. He had something he wanted done and he kept telling her, getting louder and louder. His voice rose, and he looked like he was having apoplexy or a heart attack.

Finally, she did what he needed and calmly turned to him saying, Have a nice day.

I thought he was going to jump over the counter and choke her.

It goes on everywhere.

Being patient has pretty much gone by the boards.

What do you wait for? What does take time and attention?

How patient are you, really?

How about those inconsiderate people who are always late?

Can you allow time to pass? Easily?

Recently I had a client who talked about being furious with her partner and carrying on and on about what was bothering her. She was totally exasperated when he finally turned to her and said, Can I have a kiss?

It diffused the situation and brought in humor, but it did not solve the problem That would take time and understanding…. patience.

When it comes to relationships things cannot be worked out in an instant. Sometimes it takes a long time to have change occur.

With communication often partners want their other half to have the same thoughts and ideas and be able to express them right away. They want the problem solved immediately. Men perhaps more than women. They are ready to move on quicker.

Now with intimacy that definitely takes patience.

It can be slam, bam, thank you M’am but how much better is it when there is time to talk, share feelings, touch, and slow movements?

Patience is definitely a virtue here.

Women do NOT achieve orgasm quickly. It takes time.

As men get older they too need patience enacted in their behalf. Some clients talk about just getting IT over with and how long does it have to take? Not a good attitude to please oneself,    let alone a partner.

Often, we have patience with young children understanding their limitations due to age. Why not try to keep that same perspective in other areas? Tenacity can really pay off in a lot of situations.

A lot of what we hurry about doing is so very useless and unnecessary. Think what has given you the best part of your life. I’ll bet it wasn’t anything fast.

Instant is good in making quick Jello dessert but not for most of what gives pleasure in this life!

“The first virtue: patience. Nothing to do with people waiting. It is more like obstinacy.” – Andre’ Gide

What are you impatient about?  What has demanded your patience?  Was it worth it?

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