As Luck Would Have It

“Most of us regard good luck as our right and bad luck as a betrayal of that right.” – William Feather

Are you lucky? With what? Maybe you feel unlucky at times. It’s all part of the human condition.

Think about it… what part does luck play in our lives?

Turns out, a lot.

The family into which you are born sets the stage for starters.

Was Prince William lucky…

Having good parents who love you and meet your basic needs gives you a stable beginning and that’s all just plain dumb luck.

There is a myriad of other elements to this thing called, luck. Being born healthy with all the marbles in place is a feature of luck.

As we individuals grow and develop luck comes into play in a whole variety of ways.

The element of chance is always a factor in life.

Not having calamity occur with parents, the elements coming down on you, a whole group of, accidents and continued health and well being are taken into consideration.

I like to look at the things people do to ward off bad luck. Some pray to religions, some buy voodoo dolls.

Others go to soothsayers ala Alexandra of Russia… Some say special prayers, look for four leaf clovers, spit on dice, take chances with lotteries and gambling and so on. How many people rely on the stars and consult their horoscopes, as did Nancy Reagan? How many check the stars for their right mate connection? Many, many.

I once had a friend who had a fabulous sense of humor. One day at a wishing well I saw him leaning over and not throwing coins in. When I got closer I saw that he was dipping his American Express card in!!

Very clever.

Whatever it takes to ward off evil and bad luck.

It is always a matter of luck when out of the blue awful stuff happens and you have absolutely no control.

Think of all the people in car accidents, fires, terrorist attacks, and so on.

Wrong place at the wrong time… Bad luck!

Getting a horrible disease, or mental breakdown; very bad luck.

Some people seem to have a bad luck life with all sorts of unpleasant and unhappy things occurring. It is not unusual for this group to believe they are being punished for something bad they did. They feel they deserve what happens to them.

Others seem to lead a charmed life with good things happening all the time through no fault of their own.

Making money in a whole variety of ways can happen through luck.

This group also believes they deserve their good fortune for the way they have lived and the good deeds they have done.

It can be disheartening to think that luck is not the result of intellect, hard work, and fortitude. That can really make you mad!

And now to the topic I specialize in; love.

Does luck play a role here?

It can.

Being in the right place at the right time can mean you meet that special person.

Meeting them when they are ready to follow through on that initial happening is another factor of good fortune.

After that it is not luck but knowing what to do that will make or break the relationship.

I have devoted my entire career to helping people have fulfilling partnerships.

Luck will then be what happens in your lives.

The best part is that when two people are really connected whatever befalls them in the way of good OR bad luck they get through it together and help one another emotionally.

In the end; cross your fingers, say your mantra, buy a lottery ticket, check the stars, and I wish you… GOOD luck!

“Give me, mother, luck at my birth, then throw me if you will on the rubbish heap.” – Bulgarian Proverb

Are you a lucky person? Are you lucky in love?

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