Revenge…. Is So So Sweet

“The woman who cannot hate like a bitch afire, and express it, cannot love like a tigress, or a kitten.”  Brendan Francis

That’s right!

Show me a person who can ‘hate’ and wants revenge and I will show you a passionate person.

When we feel, we have been ‘wronged,’ no matter the reason, the natural response is, ‘pay them back’, and seek REVENGE!

There are many, many reasons to feel ‘done to’ or for any of us to be furious.

Sometimes it is justified and sometimes it is our own thoughts that may or may not be correct. No matter the cause, if we feel it, we are entitled to our feelings. At times the person we want to ‘hurt’ in return is not the real person that we should be angry at.

Many times, a partner feels their partner has done something they find awful or stupid or really despicable. They want revenge BUT they choose to hurt the party the partner was involved with as opposed to the real source of their anger; the partner!

Sometimes it is infuriating and you want revenge on everyone involved and maybe even the world, as a result.

Now, how to get revenge?

There are any number of ways; let your imagination run wild.

Screaming and cursing, physical attacks, withholding sex, money or children. Cutting up clothes, burning letters, not cooking, cleaning or paying bills works. Calling or sending nasty messages is a style for some. Telling ‘secrets’ is another ploy. Calling the IRS and reporting a person, spreading the tale to others and so on. Finding a private detective, telling government agencies someone has done something illegal or that they are a rapist, child molester, bad parent, on drugs and so on goes on all the time.

Now when the revenge is acted out it just feels good; it does. There is a satisfaction that the debt has been paid and there is a smile that accompanies it. Just thinking about doing harm in some fashion to another may be all it takes.

But I am here to tell you that hate should not linger as it will get you in the end.

Be done with the issue and move on.

Know that this life will dish out enough grief and bad times to everyone, including the one on whom you wish to take revenge. We all get a dose of bad times. Some more than others.

It is usually the case that people who are not doing or have not acted in the ways they should get a BIG dose of payback, in one form or another. They do!

Stay tuned and you will hear about their hard times or see it in living color.

Trust me no one gets out of this life free and everyone has rotten times and some have really rough roads. The ‘bad’ people know what they are and in the end, they get what you wish for them.

No one escapes.

You don’t have to waste much of your own precious time thinking about it….it will happen!

While it does feel good to have retribution and settling the score, you do not want to emotionally keep it up as then you are the one paying a price.

Get on with it and make your life pleasant and happy and that is as they say, the best revenge.

Let the world and the one you hate to see YOU happy!

“I don’t agree that love gives the best insight. Hate gives a much better, I think, when hate keeps its head.”   Maarten Maartens

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