Politics and Love

“Politics, and the fate of mankind, are shaped by men without ideals and without greatness. Men who have greatness within them don’t go in for politics.” –  Albert Camus

This is true not only for men, but for women as well today.

When it comes to politics and love anything is game as this election shows us.

What a person is comes through on television; you see the real deal.

Television is an x ray into the heart and soul of who this person really and truly is.

You can learn about a person from any variety of sources. What you learn from their opponents is another window.

The media has flooded us with information; some true, some not so true about each of the people who have wanted, (God knows why), to be our president.

Just think of the ego and narcissism that it takes to want this dangerous job!

I can think of no other reason that would drive anyone to seek the position.

Just think of the time and effort, the money that running for office, any office, let alone President of the United States requires.

Think of the power sought. Think of the adulation from others involved. Think of the temptations available.

All of it is not conducive to an intimate caring one on one relationship that spells…L 0 V E! Love requires intimacy, time, attention. Real love means that person is the one that turns you on. That person makes the world alive for you. That person is your core being.

Now let’s see where politicians are with that as background.

Usually out in left field. There is the adoring spouse standing on the platform nodding at everything the political animal says.

The spouse who is silent and is just THERE.

You’ve seen it time and time again.

How many politicians have had sexual scandals? Hard to find one who hasn’t.

How much does anyone know about what goes on behind those proverbial closed doors?

 We all need ‘heroes’ and we all want them to be examples to strive for. We want people who are `better’ than us to look up to. When was the last time any politician filled that role?

What happens is many start out altruistically and the money they need to run or stay in office puts them into another camp. They become corrupted; whores if you will. It’s part of the landscape.


When anyone wants to ‘do good’ for the people it usually becomes a losing game.

Power is indeed an aphrodisiac. They become above the law and omnipotent.

Being a partner to someone with that kind of ego and power takes more than most partners are able to give.

What happens then?

You got it… another partner.

Many try to keep face and keep up a front or even a relationship when it is truly DEAD… just for the sake of staying or gaining power. Who is fooling whom?

The people involved know the truth and sometimes it shows to the outside world, like it or not.

Looking at our current election it is fun to watch the machinations going on and trying to envision the bedroom scenes. Amusing to say the least.

What do they talk about? The campaigns? The opponents? The next step? The money needed or how to spend it?

It’s anyone’s guess. My hunch is it’s not about how they love one another. With all of this my suggestions for the vice-presidential picks… are, Hillary can have Bill.

AND Trump can have Monica Lewinsky!!

“Politicians, like prostitutes, are held in contempt, but what man does not run to them when he requires their services?” – Brendan Francis


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