I Love Everybody

“To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others.” – Madame Swetchine

You knew after the year’s end and the ‘I Hate Everyone’ piece this had to follow on the first day of the new year. It had to. Once cleansed of the bad feelings and people, we are then, and only then, free to go ahead and seek the positive.

Love is a word tossed around constantly but what does it mean to the people who say it, let alone the people who hear it? It can be a huge variety of things. The real deal is sort of like pornography; you know it when you see it, or in this case, feel it.

What actually happens is that to be in real love you have to then love the world and the people in it. It is like a catalyst for letting out good and positive vibrations. You are happy, contented, and fulfilled so you can radiate that out and you do.

You can always find the people who are in this realm. They stand out and like that pebble in the brook the circle goes on and on.

What is especially difficult is how to achieve that and then to hold on to it.

Looking at the world one is reminded that there is evil. Are people basically good or evil?

It was only about seventy years ago, the world watched as millions were put into ovens and killed. How does that happen? How does the stuff that goes on all over this world today get tolerated?

My own theory is that we are composed of many facets. Most people want to have a ‘good’ life and take care of the ones they care about. It’s the leaders of places that need to control and have power that causes the problems. They get power in a variety of ways and then the people suffer. Look around this world… it’s not a loving sight!

True, individuals cannot control themselves and many situations, and do become hateful, nasty, and certainly not loving. All relationships are a mixture of plusses and minuses.

Life is full of dichotomies. Living with ambivalence is part of the human condition.

Life is trial and error. Life is full of ‘mistakes’ and ‘should haves’ and that’s par for the course.

Life is painful. We need to teach children what life is really about. Fairy tales for children are fine for a while but real life is not a fairy tale.

Religion sells a hope and keeps people in line. Guilt and fear help too.

When Pandora was told not to open her box as all the evil in the world would escape she disobeyed and opened it. All the evil flew out and she slammed it shut with only one thing remaining inside. Do you know what that was?

It was HOPE!

We have hope and that keeps many of us going and then in time we can learn to love. Life offers challenges and promise.

Is it possible to love everyone?

Well maybe not EVERYONE… but perhaps the majority in our lives.

Just imagine a world where the leaders were loving and kind.

Just imagine a world where most people did not have to act out their anger or frustration on others.

Does the sun shine every day? NO…but we can get through the storms knowing there will be sun again.

We can live in moments and retain the joy and yes, love, for as long as we can. OR, we can be non-loving and get used to that uncomfortable feeling.

We make our patterns and we get into ‘habits’ of living.

It is true if we have not received love we don’t know what that’s supposed to be like, feel like, or express. It is only by risking ourselves that we can connect in a loving way to someone.

Can we ‘love’ everyone? Absolutely not. Do we have to test people out before we connect?

Absolutely. However, if we have not been able to have that closeness at least with one other person in our lives, for a period of time, we need to examine why.

Barring mental illness, I believe we can love or learn to love. Let’s open that school and give diplomas!!

“Unfortunately it is easy to imagine that anyone hates you, and hard to think anyone loves you.

But you must be bold to believe in love if you would be happy.” – Dr. Frank Crane

Can you love someone? Everyone?



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