I Hate Everybody

“I don’t agree that love gives the best insight. Hate gives a much better, I think, when hate keeps its head.” – Maarten Maartens

Do you agree? I’m not sure but there are times and before a new year is a good time to take stock. There are days, and maybe many of them when this is exactly what you feel. No matter who you are; no matter how intelligent; no matter what you have accomplished, there are those days.

Now hate is a strong word and maybe it’s not always hate. Maybe it’s disappointment. Maybe it’s a bad choice. Maybe it’s a change in someone or you. Maybe it’s a pile up of things. Whatever the reason or reasons, getting rid of toxins is good both for your body and for your emotional well- being.

Lately it seems people just don’t give a damn. They don’t care about how they do their job. They have ‘attitudes’ and little is done to expectation or god forbid, excellence.

The world is hostile and unfriendly and people are stressed and not really happy.

That’s a generalization, I know, but that’s what I observe.

You can have a very displeasing experience and the person will end with.” Have a nice day.”     I for one want to choke them!

You can spend inordinate time trying to get something done and when you think it’s fixed… guess what? It ain’t!


Now when it comes to relationships it’s another story.

No parent or child EVER does what you would like all the time. Maybe they are even deleterious to your development or growth, let alone pleasure.

What to do about all that stuff? Siblings? Any relative. You are ‘stuck’ with these people for life… UNLESS you wiggle free. See them for what they are and if they are not conducive to your feeling good the majority of the time, cut yourself loose. Adults rarely change what they basically are without some major event or insight. Now this doesn’t imply that you are always the reasonable and ‘right’ one, but it does mean you should not be bound to anyone that you feel that kind of anger or even ‘hate’ for.

With friends, they can come and go. We have them for different purposes. Some very few are really good friends and close and have your interests and well- being at heart. They’re there for you and put themselves out for you. That happens when you are a good friend in return. If it is transitory or occasional or just for short spurts take it for that. If it has stood the test of time it can be worked on if a bad period occurs. What you share is a two- way street. If it’s a one-sided affair maybe you’ll tire of that. Brutus wasn’t the only ‘friend’ Caesar needed to worry about! Beware of the person who has no friends. That’s a message.

Sometimes people show their true colors after a bit of time. If you are wary at first stay tuned. You may want to run.

When we get in these hateful moods they are usually overcome in a bit of time by being and doing things you enjoy with others. With a spouse or long term love it’s a process and we learn how to compromise, and ‘get over it.’

There is a sour taste in the mouth when these occurrences happen. How long they last may be in your control and you should try to move along.

You can stay ‘mad’ even hateful and then look at it. Make sure you are not unreasonable and then get on with positive stuff. Your happiness is up to you!!

If the situation is not redeemable or worth it to you get rid of it or the person and have people you enjoy around you. You needn’t have anyone’s ‘baggage’ unless you choose it.

So, for the new year cleanse yourself and get a Voodoo doll!

“The woman who cannot hate like a bitch afire, and express it, cannot love like a tigress, or a kitten.” – Brendan Francis

Quote  Who have you ever hated? Why? Still?

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