Will Millennials Change This World

“You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity.” – Dr. 0. A. Battista

We hear a lot today about this millennial group; those born from 1980 to 1994. The iGen group is from 1995 to 2012.

As with every generation before, it the older people who say the new one is going to hell in a hand basket.

The values of each succeeding generation are different and the world moves on in a variety of complicated ways; some visible like dress and appearance, and others unseen like values and some behaviors.

Current books abound about this new group.

Some interesting observations and studies show promise for real change in America’s values. Maybe long overdue and quite apparent in this coming election.

Because of the digital technology they are freer to work in non- traditional ways; many in pajamas from home.

They do not want to ‘kill’ themselves for the almighty dollar. Some see them as lazy but the bottom line is they figure out how to get their results with minimal effort. Smart?

Their views of education and advanced formal degrees is not the priority. They believe in learning the tasks required and continuing to learn within their own lifestyle. Often, they learn from sites like Wikipedia where the best minds and information is readily available.

They also like to learn from others’ experiences in real life or fictional. They are not always engaged face to face.

What they value is their standard of daily life not work, work, work, and that old measure of ‘success.’ Greed is not the be all and end all, and family and community matter to them.

How refreshing!

Now the area I like to explore; you guessed it, love, and romance including sex, is most fascinating.

With all the dating and other sites like Tinder, getting to be with someone for whatever purpose is easy today.

So how come the study from the Centers for Disease Control stated that 41% of high school students had sex in 2015 and that was DOWN from 54% in 1991?

One reason proscribed is that they are too busy texting, watching YouTube, and using Snapshot filters.

The online forms of communication have replaced getting together in person!

Saying that they want to watch Netflix or Chill may mean only that; not an invitation for sex.

Pornography is readily available and many in this age group actually prefer that to having a live person with them …. imagine!!!

They are putting off marriage and becoming adults is taking them longer. Many are living with parents; not exactly conducive to a romantic evening.

This generation is focused on itself to be sure but it is also true that they are very individualistic and many choose not to have sex. They are careful. In a related statistic, they are careful in other aspects and have fewer car accidents and homicides. As a careful group, sex is included in that mix. Love and sex are ‘messy’ emotionally, and they are not interested; at least not yet.

While this group is freer sexually and sex in the twenties is wonderful, waiting until ready is not a bad pattern.

Again, it’s an individual matter and they are, if nothing else, their own individuals.    

We will wait, as with all generations, to see what they do for our world. So far WE haven’t done a great job in many areas!!

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