Omnia Vincit Amor, Or Love Conquers All

“To penetrate into anyone you find madness or dullness so most stay on the surface.” – Tennessee Williams

I believe most of this is true. How many people do you know who are intimately tied together and enjoy a full and complete life; physically and otherwise?

Does love conquer all? It was the Roman poet Virgil who said it.

In many instances, it can.

Of course, there are all sorts of ‘love.’

The love of a parent for a child is usually unconditional and shows caring. Look at the parents who care day in and out for children with handicaps; physical or mental.

The love of siblings, if they have been raised well, is a close bond.

The love of children for parents is up and down but in the end, should be two adults who respect and love one another. When the parent is, old and needs their help, they do it with kindness.

There is friendship love and the non- people loves; of country, work, pets, creativity, nature, art and so on.

The love I address here is between two people who share a physical aspect. This is intimate love.

It is not an easy connection by any means. It takes time and constant vigilance, knowledge, practice and a lot of understanding.

With all that life dishes out how can love blossom and flourish? Can it conquer differences and at times even hate?

The answer is a resounding… YES!

The bond that connects those lucky and fortunate enough to experience real love know that at times the negative can come in between. It can be in-laws, child rearing, money issues, differences of background and culture and even basic values.

The conquering all gets healed with talk and in bed!!

As long as those areas work there will be healing.

As long as those two areas are practiced there will be love.

We love in and out of bed but the drive to connect in these two ways will allow love to conquer all.

It may not always be fast or automatic but one or both need to say let’s talk or let’s go to bed.

That giving of oneself is what makes love worthwhile.

It is the reason for all the poetry, songs, literature, paintings, and drive most humans have to find the real thing.

If it was easy it would not be what it is; a struggle to find and then hold on to. It is that ‘magic’ that most people strive for and long for.

While it may not last a lifetime whatever time you have it; nothing can replace the feelings involved; hence the need that is being sought for fulfillment. The thing to remember is that you are responsible for your own happiness.

If you are smart in the only way that smart matters, you will learn how to feel good about you, and then accept and share the heart you have with another.

There is a sweet ring that was used years ago, that used stones to spell out, ‘dearest.’

It had a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and topaz. If you had and wore that you knew you were adored.

There are any number of ways to feel loved and each of us shows it in our own way. You need to only remember the ways when other negative feelings or issues come to the forefront.

Then love will truly take over and indeed, conquer all!!

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