Is Love Really Worth it

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones

You can believe it or not.

Only those who have experienced the kind of love I write about can know this to be true. So, is love worth it?

There are all kinds of love to be sure but that love shared with passion between true lovers is the epitome and what people all strive to achieve.

Those fortunate enough to have risked their hearts completely, no matter the circumstances, have the best and at times the worst of what a heart sustains.

To be flattered, desired, special, in this unique way makes us whole, happy, and fulfilled emotionally and physically.

This in turn makes us loving all the way around and content.

Searching for this and finding it can occur in all sorts of situations and most of the time, unexpectedly.

If it ‘happens’ under circumstances that make it difficult, there are issues to work through. If it happens at the right moment in time and age it can just blossom.

No matter the reasons, and there are always reasons why we fall for one person over others, the feelings of passion and wanting to connect will not go away.

We ‘connect’ in all sorts of ways; by sight, thoughts, talking, touching, sexually, and dreaming! Being ‘connected’ seems perfect, at least for a while; maybe even a long while.

The reality is that there will be differences, of all sorts, as we are not clones. There will be disagreements and even battles. There will be surprises and many unwanted, but the coming back to one another because we WANT to will be the sign of real love.

You cannot fight love, so don’t even try!

We want that love to supply us with what we need or what was missing before. Love causes indiscretion at times and sometimes even danger. So be it.

Is it worth it?

While we all experience loss in some form or another; a job, money, body changes, our looks, and so on, it is only the loss of true love that will cause the pain in the heart that will not go away; maybe forever.

There are many injustices in this life, and many ‘play it safe’ in a variety of ways. However, the playing it safe with your heart is a big mistake in my book.

You will avoid heart ache or heartbreak but you will not have LIVED!!

For some the deal is the wanting of someone but the ‘having’ doesn’t hold up. That’s too bad because then it is the chase or early ‘high’ they require, not the intense intimacy that only grows deeper and stronger when handled well.

Those people who complain and find fault shouldn’t because you can’t blame another for what you have ‘allowed.’ Some of the ‘bad’ stuff can get calcified and just become a bad habit and the norm if you let it.

There is no big secret to happiness. It is learning to give yourself over completely to love. Nothing else comes close. Other areas are poor substitutes.

Humor, forgiveness, understanding and acceptance of a lover is not always easy. Being tenacious and believing in your love will get you through. Sex will glue it!!

It’s okay to be a romantic pessimist but believing in love will work. All it takes is knowing you have the capacity for love and someone will find it!

“Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


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