Go On Flaunt It

“Woman regard all other women as their competition, whereas men as a rule only have this feeling towards other men in the same profession…” – Bertrand Russell

Here it is another major difference between the sexes. Watch and listen and observe what individuals flaunt.

For men, it can be their strength, height, achievements and success in their field, or money or power. They will keep at it, as often the wish is to have or be or do more.

For women, they are competitive with other women in looks, what they wear, how they live, and what their money can or has bought.

Men like being good at what they DO.  Women like being good in the way they LOOK. That is because they are different and want different things from one another… it never changes. She wants to attract a man and he wants to supersede his competitors.

How the message gets out that ‘I am superior’ can vary. There are big homes, with all sorts of interiors and art. There are fancy cars. There is big jewelry. Designer clothes. Plastic surgery. There are expensive trips. Fine food and wine. You name it. If it costs a lot of money someone will buy it. Even philanthropy has a role. Ever see names on buildings?

Now I believe ‘showing off’ can be fun and I believe we are all guilty of it at times. It helps to define us; makes us feel good and important and just goes with our competitive society. Nothing wrong with it.

It is when it is a constant or really making others uncomfortable that it can be a problem and even obnoxious. Some people flaunt their intelligence. Some with ‘boob’ jobs only wear very seductive clothes. Some… you name it.

When we have a feature, (big blue eyes), or a special thing, (a Renoir), or expertise, (being famous), it is welcomed by others to share in what we possess. When you have to ‘force’ others to notice; it is not pleasant. The Queen doesn’t have to announce that she is the Queen. We all just know it!

I am convinced that cow dung could be made the most expensive item in the universe if the right marketers went at it.

All you need is for some movie star to buy a painting and the artist is now ‘made.’ The next paintings will be very expensive. Just go to art shows and look at the ‘junk’ that sells for fortunes… because some famous fool bought one. What do they know about art?

People who are genuine with basic good values do not have to continually flaunt what they are or what they possess. There is the story of a wealthy man I knew who was invited to a party where all the hoi polloi was also going. He drove up in his chauffer driven Rolls Royce and noticed all the other cars were Fords etc. With that he turned around and went home and drove himself back in his driver’s car! He got the message.

When you are unique, or have something special, expensive, or new, it is fun to show it off.


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