Show Off… And On


“There is many a lonely heart beating beneath a diamond parure.” – Mary Dunn

Being a ‘show-off’ can be fun. Truly, it can be. I think we all do some of it. We can be hypocrites about it too. The fact is we all like to be ‘on top’ in some fashion from time to time.

It is just human nature as we are competitive.

You can see it all around you at all ages.

Young people like to look good, be fit, and show off in a variety of ways.

Young men like muscles. Young girls like fashion and so on.muscular-full-body-workout

As we get older we show off in the areas of how we look, and what we do, and what we have.

There are ‘intellectual snobs.’ They have to show off their intelligence and thoughts to make sure you know they are smarter than you.

There are people who have to show how trim they are or how thin they are. Many young women look like they eat from recipes from the ‘Anorecic Cookbook!’

Indeed, many do have eating disorders in the effort to be thin. Their self- image is distorted and they see themselves as ‘fat’ even when they are painfully thin. Where do they get these ideas? Probably from the movie stars or fashion magazines. I have seen many young women who have bodies like twelve-year-old boys. It is not a pretty, or feminine sight.

Even older women fall prey to this malady. That is really unpleasant to observe. And watch them in restaurants and see what they order and eat.

Men work out and that can be an obsession. How much bulk and muscle is attractive?

Being strong is fine fashionable-work-outfits-for-women-9but at an extreme it can be off putting, just to look at. Many exercise as though they would die if they missed a day. While exercise is good for you in moderation and makes you feel good it can be destructive if it takes over your life.

Competition with money is a biggy.

What can I have or do to prove I have a lot of money?

Just look at all the foolish people wearing or carrying something with a well-known brand name on it. You have to recognize what it is right away or they are not happy.

Why would you want to wear something or carry something that has someone else’s insignia or name on it? Isn’t your name or initials good enough? Apparently not.

And let’s not talk about the car you drive. Or let’s talk about the car you drive.

How many have gone into debt for this reason? They are showing the whole outside world what they think they are…. rich!

Jewelry? We could spend pages on this one. The diamond industry has really sold people a bill of goods here. It is a waste of money EXCEPT for those who need it!

Women and handbags and shoes…. another fun group.

Thousands of dollars for two leather straps that are called designer shoes. And they hurt when you wear them too!!handbag-accesorycleaning

Houses and their contents. Now here you do live in them and you do have nice surroundings and your family enjoys the amenities BUT here again; how much is really used?

Earlier in my life I was at an affair with one of the Rockefellers. I was all ‘dolled’ up and had on my ‘best’ jewelry. When I was introduced to the wife of one of them I was shocked to see her in a dress that looked like it came out of J.C. Penney’s and she had on costume jewelry!! She had NOTHING to prove!!

I learned then and there that if you have IT you don’t have to flaunt it.

However, it is fun to outshine sometimes. Women especially like to impress other women with their figures and style and what they have. Men are competitive in sports and jobs and success with money earned but women want to impress other women.

Men really don’t care how your nails look or what you are wearing or whose shoes are on your feet. They care how you present yourself and if they are attracted to you. That doesn’t come from clothes. They care if they think you are ‘beddable.’

Women notice what you look like in different ways. So, your being ‘better’ in these areas is for them, not men.

With women being educated and earning money they are moving into the realm of men and competitive there. However, in order to be fulfilled emotionally they must return to being WOMAN with a man.

A book, ‘Beyond Mars and Venus,’ by John Gray is really good explaining our differences hormonally as men and women and how to achieve the best balance in these areas.

So, in the end what should we do?

Well, show off if it makes you feel superior in some way, from time to time. Nothing really wrong with it.

But in the end, being emotionally content is the best thing to show the world because then you are really happy and can relate in a truly ‘superior’ fashion. The packaging can look good; nothing wrong with that but it is not what will really make you the winner in the arena that counts!

“I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want —-an adorable pancreas?” – Jean Kerr

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