The Really Weaker Sex

“Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.” – Socrates

In this year when it seemed likely the United States could have had its’ first female president the question comes front and center… can a woman do it? Is she a real woman if she wants this power?                            

What is likely to change?

All good questions.


While I believe the biological differences that are inherent and genetic between the sexes, and the differences are significant, this notion of the weaker sex becomes paramount.

Being accused of being ‘sexist’ often, I do not deny that the only areas I am ‘feminist’ about are education and the workplace.

In all other realms I believe women hold a definite place by being ‘feminine’ in the traditional sense of the word.

They should be the ‘softer’ ones, and the gender that is seen as the non-aggressive one when it comes to men and love.

Women can be assertive and go after what they need but they usually do it in a different fashion than men.

Men are out there ‘slaying dragons’ to be sure but today women also hold responsible positions and work hard for less money than men. This is true with even the best education. They are in colleges, and graduate schools in record numbers. They are professionals in every field but they are still women.

They are the ones that allow sexual behavior, and they bear the children. They are the primary ones to raise children and run households.

True, men have brawn and are physically stronger but women are stronger in other ways.

They can work through situations in easier ways than men without brute force. They can compromise and work through long term solutions slowly. They are just plain, ‘different.’

The stress of just living is not easily handled. There are three to five times the number of suicides among men than with women. Talk about weak or strong!

Now when it comes to women doing a job traditionally seen as ‘man’s work’ the problems arise.

This is especially true in something like running a government or the free world. What would the world be if more woman had positions of power and ran governments?

The common thinking goes something like, ’she has too much testosterone’ or the like.

She is not attractive therefore not feminine. She is power hungry, like a man and so on.

Maybe some of this is true. There is no one brand of man or woman. There are gradations.

Having worked professionally for decades with the transgendered community and patients I can tell you the differences are not in the genitals! It’s all in the head and your perception and goals for self.


The true test of masculinity and femininity in many instances is in the bedroom. However, for some rare creatures that is not the case. Then we have to look beyond all that or the ability to have children.

So, what we are left with is a scale of many categories to look at and judge who is weak, strong, male or female.

The culture defines some of the parameters and our own education, experience, and early family imprinting all weigh in.

Whom do you see as your own ideal of man, or woman? Hollywood versions, people you know, or magazine pictures? Should she be thin and beautiful?

What makes someone, ’strong’ in your eyes?

Women for the most part bear the greatest burden of emotional weight. For my money they are hardly the ‘weaker’ sex!!

“Social science affirms that a woman’s place in society marks the level of civilization.” – Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Who do you believe is the weaker sex? Why?

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